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Effectiviteit hypnobirthing, wat zegt wetenschappelijk onderzoek?

Hypnobirthing | Slapen

Babies slapen beter en zijn relaxter 🙂 Das hele fijne effectiviteit hypnobirthing!

Babies who experienced the calm of HypnoBirthing in the womb and during their birth were more likely described as calm, content and happy as both babies and older children. The HypnoBirthed babies were also more likely to be to be good sleepers, as well as easy and alert babies. https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/543557_d551b04f2753413092d14b86c7f87d29.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1WpoP-BpY_eJsLQrP9AKnHed3bdZV74wFhzGNjPRYYxUQJ-VJD5dKzaPw

Minder keizersnedes, minder pijnbestrijding dmv ruggenprik nodig.

Statistics also show us that women are less likely to have an emergency c-section with hypnobirthing than without. The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust has done a study into the benefits of hypnobirthing, which showed that only 4% of hypnobirthing births ended with an emergency C-section compared with 15% for the general population. As part of the Cochrane review published in 2012, three studies of 645 women found that more women in hypnosis groups had a spontaneous vaginal birth than those in the control group. The largest of the studies (numbering 520 women) reported a lower rate of caesarean section in the hypnosis group. (source: The Cochrane library http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD009356.pub2/abstract)

In terms of epidurals, according to an American study in 2007, among the women who had vaginal births, 5 (10%) of the hypnosis prepared and 23 (45%) of those not using hypnosis had epidural anaesthesia (Source: VandeVusse, Irland, Franciscan, Berner, Fuller, Adams – Hypnosis for Childbirth: A Retrospective Comparative Analysis of Outcomes in One Obstetrician’s Practice http://www.asch.net/portals/0/journallibrary/articles/ajch-50/50-2/vandevusse50-2.pdf ). These figures help to show us that although hypnobirthing cannot promise the perfect birth, it does give women the best opportunity for a drug-free birth as the need for pain relief greatly reduces.

Minder inleidingen nodig, meer vertrouwen in jezelf, ook fijne effectiviteit hypnobirthing

Artikel in Journal  of  Prenatal  and  Perinatal  Psychology  and  Health  27(2),  Winter  2012.These data provide strong support for the hypotheses that: HypnoBirthing mothers have: fewer medical inductions;; less frequent IV fluids;; less continuous fetal monitoring;; less pitocin infusion;; fewer artificial rupture of membranes;; fewer IV/IM anesthesias;; fewer episiotomies;; fewer epidural anesthesias;; fewer caesarian sections;; less frequent use of obstetricians;; more frequent use of midwives;; less use of hospitals;; more use of home and birthing centers for birth;; more use of a wider variety of birthing positions;; and infants of older gestational age than usual care.

As a result of the Hypnosis for Childbirth series a very high percentage of women reported an increased sense of self-confidence prior to the onset of labour. In addition, 96% were pleased at the use of hypnosis, would use hypnosis in a subsequent birth and recommend its use to other women planning natural childbirth

Kortere geboortes na hypnobirthing training

Studies have also shown that hypnobirthing can shorten labour – Jenkins and Pritchard found a reduction of 3 hours for first-time mums from an average of 9.3 hours to 6.4 hours and and 1 hour for second-time (or subsequent) mums from 6.2 hours to 5.3 hours for active labour (262 subjects and 600 controls). The birthing phase was statistically shorter for first time mothers, from 50 min to 37 min (source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8476826)

Minder vroeggeboortes gemeld

“Risk factors are reported for preterm delivery; hypnosis significantly prolongs pregnancy. Six cases are presented of hypnosis stopping PTL a number of times and when indicated at term.”Preterm labour and clinicalhypnosis
“Hypnosis was shown to be effective therapy without side-effects, which can reduce preterm delivery. This clinical study showed a significant prevention of preterm delivery.”Hypnotherapy, gestational age and incidence of preterm labour
“In the hypnosis group there were significantly less preterm deliveries after parallelising the socio-economical demographics.”

Moeders kijken beter terug op de geboorte

In this large randomized controlled trial, a brief course in self-hypnosis improved the women’s childbirth experience.https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/bye/rQoPWwoRrXS9-i-wudNgpQDxudhWudNzlXNiZip9Ei7ym67VZR0VFg4V-R4JA6h9Ei4L3BUgWwNG0it.

En hier vind je nog een mooie samenvatting van o.a. de diverse reviews, wereldwijd van ouders.

En voor wie toch liever de persoonlijke ervaringen terughoort, hier vind je de geboorteverhalen van een aantal cursisten.



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